Monday, November 23, 2009

Persepsi Perception

Recently, we often found in the newspapers what the mainstream calls perception politics.
In a layman's term, I understand it as some news conveyed to the rakyat (usually using the mass media including electronics and publications) that looks so real but more often than not, it is not too accurate.
Some examples are the TGNA's 'kononnya' graft case on somebody sponsors him for Hajj and the latest is Dato' Husam's, 'kononnya' (again), he wanted to quit PAS due to internal crisis.
Personally, and I strongly believe that both accusations are nonsense.
Why I said so? Go figure. Since I do not intend to elaborate on the cases too much, but more on perception that can create different impact than to different people.
Today, when I read one of my favourite book and the author gives an example on how perception can ruin someone's life if you actually let them, I cannot help but immediately relate it to the above issues.
The example is as simple as below:
An English professor wrote the words:
"Woman without her man is nothing" on the board and asked the students to punctuate it correctly.
The men wrote "Woman, without her man, is nothing"
The women wrote "Woman! Without her, man is nothing"
Now, you see what I mean?
Thus becareful on what you read especially in mainstream newspapers, tv news and random blogs whom you are unsure the author is.
OK, the above comment is directly for the political cases mentioned earlier. In our daily lives, this happen very often.
How many times you get irritated by a simple sms or emails or while chatting through social networking server?
How often you argue with your good friends on a simple remarks you read somewhere, often again, in sms or emails ?
And what happen when you instantly get mad without seeking for clarification from that particular sender? You tend to judge. Or even worse, you share them with your friends and obviously spread the hatred among you without the actual person knows.
I admit that I get annoyed many times and get mad by just reading a simple sentence in an email chain.Now I am thinking I am doing injustice to the person because sometimes I judge without seeking clarification.Obviously we do not want to jeopardize invaluable friendship for a wrong reason, and worse if the reason is actually far from true.
Conclusion is, go figure. heh. I think it is obvious enough where I am heading to.
Credits to Zabrina ABu Bakar, author of Life is an Open Secret on the examples of perception that can ruin lives.


.serimeri. said...

aku terpanggil utk komen. hehe.
i sooooo agree! jangan berfikir membuta tuli because every coin has two sides to it.


Shierrahh Ivy said...

yes totally agreed! and besenye we only realize it when it happens to us kan. haha.