Sunday, July 18, 2010

We are not saints

I am not the type who would be deep in hatred and blame everyone else except myself, when I face this kind of situation.

Nor the type who quickly find other people and offer them a defensive speech, so that I'll be having my own army as well.

I am the type that just swallowed, accept it as my weakness and fate, and move on to improve further.

Although sessions of tears and consolation words from the closer ones really helped a lot.

Revenge, however is totally out of question.

But, it is always tempting to ask these people who love to talk behind our back;

What is wrong with individual discussion to clear the murky water?

Why don't you reflect your actions, your words, your treatment to others, too?

You are not saints either, my dear.


 Why can't everyone embrace the concept of forgive and forget?

Well, the answer is obvious.

We are not saints.

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