Thursday, July 29, 2010

Of IB, married-single and 3S

Finally, I managed to set my foot at the sensational Istana Budaya last Wednesday with couple of friends.The facilities is satisfying and the interior is fabulous, I guess it matched the name perfectly.
The play was entertaining and hilarious, thanks to Nabil. I think most of his lawak menjadi dalam cerita ni.. so boleh la you all pergi tengok tanpa skeptical thoughts at the back of our head. Yang lain2 is commendably good as usual, they were good actor/actress by the way. At one time I wish Awie would sing his songs with Wings rather than the songs designed for the play...
Again, Hazel was the one initiated this activity. Perhaps due to our disappointment over the previous experience, haha. Just look at the difference of ticket price and venues, dear :p However I still have a dream to watch FT's buah tangan in IB. Masih berharap agar ia menjadi kenyataan :) Pray with me, people.I am always a fan of plays that touches heart and perhaps can change people's lives.
So yes, as you can see, despite the ordinary commitments that fills my weekdays, I do keep myself busy. I mean, I really plan for my days to be filled with something beneficial. Among others, I managed to increase the frequency of running at the park- from a few times per month to once per week (yet to achieve 3 times per week! bajet busy woman konon :p) I also sempat ke Spa for a great bubble bath experience with affordable price. I even plan to participate in a running event but got cancelled due to the absence of the other half :( (next time ye, dear!)~ And some volunteerily projects, small fund raising for the community, and other activities as usual, tambahan pula Ramadhan is just around the corner.
Hence, being a currently married-single wife is not so devastating after all.Oh ok tipu. Mestila sedihkan at first.Padahal bukan first time kena tinggal pun..tapi masih sedih kerana kali ni kena tinggal lebih lama. Ok whatever :p . Kesimpulannya I nak cakap, memang ramai weekend, monthly and even yearly wives out there kan...Just to share on the tips I get from a magazine - 3S - Syukur, Sibuk, Sihat. So jangan sedih2, keep yourself busy with alot of things. Cuma if you've kids then you don't really have that diversities in doing various activities la..:) But still, enjoy yourself and keep closer to the AlMighty, insya Allah you'll be fine:)
 The irony part is, the 3S concept is originally to cope up with `hidup bermadu'. But it is still applicable sebab konsepnya masih sama kan, married-single life, no? Ok no further comment, I rest my case :p

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