Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mencari Hang Jebat

My adventure to search for Hang Jebat resulted to a mixed reactions out of curiousity, anxiety, determination and tiredness-all at the same time. At least I successfully found him after the second attempt.
I search in the net, and was sure on the direction to meet him. I know I am quite good at navigation (ehem, you should to realise your own strongest point, I mean who else should?) and am convinced that I will find the way on my own. But during the final research somebody told me the nearest meetpoint was Plaza Rakyat and he will be just few hundred metres away. What it did not say is, no decent road is available to reach him and a huge hill is the one that parted them away!

So on a bright, sunny day during lunch hour, while the Muslim men are getting prepared for prayer, I started my quest. As usual I searched for signboards but nothing lead to Hang Jebat. I asked a lady bus conductor and she generously (and confidently) described the direction.I followed it obediently just to found that I was directed to a wrong place with almost similar name! I looked around and found Tun Perak, but he's not the one that I wanted to see. My eyes shine when I meet Hang Lekiu, as my common sense told me that Hang Jebat's clan will obviously be a few yards away from his friend, no? But unfortunately, again he's no where to be found. Where are you, Jebat??

After a few dialogues with the locals and three times being directed to the wrong way, I realised I've been wandering around for more than an hour already. With an empty stomach,sweat-drenched clothes and realising the lunch hour is about to end, I know I need to call it a day. I hate mission unaccomplished, though. Hence I went out to again, later that day. This time, I am more equipped and did detail research, hoping I won't come back empty handed again.

So eventually, my initial hunch-before any research was made- was right, birds of same feathers flock together. I found Hang Jebat together with his best friend, Hang Tuah.Side by side, enjoying each other's company. All this despite their infamous fight that happened hundred of years ago in Melaka. And most importantly, my mission accomplished, Alhamdulillah.

It is funny to think that this whole effort is just to collect a small token that is worth not more than RM50...I will always remember this experience.

p/s: If you are puzzled with the whole post, I actually referred the pahlawan Melaka to the road names in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, around Pudu area. Note that all traveling was made via public transport and by foot. Well, Kuala Lumpur is such an interesting place to explore, indeed :)

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