Friday, July 16, 2010

Broadband daily rates

Finally I got rid of the monthly broadband subscription and got the daily ones.
But I am adjusting to the slow speed..they never told me that RM6/day gets the slowest available speed rate. But atleast it is stable, taklah DC manjang.
So eventually I can save more than 70% of my previous monthly cost, provided I stick with the planned daily usage of 5 days/month.
Yes, cost reduction, I like.
Hah 5 days je?Ape susah, I can still online in the office or at my parents' home yang pakai wireless broadband aduih jeles. Or wifi at major outlets around KL.Cybercafe is soo yesterday (gelakkan seseorang tu yg terfikir nak gi CC apabila broadband modem i tertinggal di rumah parents suatu masa dulu)
Any other better deal from other telecomm provider that you know, please share ya. I'm interested in mobile usage only, wimax pimax takmain.
ok bai

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