Sunday, September 26, 2010

How I wish I can fly

These are my new fleet of aircrafts..
ehemm it is a pleasure to be able to say that and imagine I owned a real fleet of aircrafts!! :p But these are only models,obviously. They're beautiful and cheap, and the workmanship is not so bad.It is quite heavy (bermakna bukan plastik) and any alphabets were spelled correctly ( I adalah pantang melihat perkataan salah eja :P). I wish to add some more and make them a personal collection (adalah lambat kan, semorang dah ada baru I nak amik jadi personal collection kununnya). Sebenarnya to honour my big brother who loves models so much, but need to slow down (read:forget) his passion due to a ganaz little boy regarded as his son. With the little guy's custodianship, all form of toys/models may not be in the same condition within few hours.Hehe standard lah kan budakk..

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