Monday, December 26, 2011

2nd Anniversary Memorabilia

Our 2nd anniversary was weeks ago, and this time instead of a romantic
getaway like last year, we celebrated with his big family's barbecue
cum family day. I eat like nobody's business, like my aunt said
`Rasenye Sha nie dah duduk kat semua kerusi keliling meja ni dah..
makannn je tak berenti' Heheh blame the scrumptious barbecue (I'm a
self-proclaimed barbecue lover) and lots of food!
Sekali cerita pasal BBQ tapi picture adalah pen. Takpelah forgive me please :p
That is hubby's new treasure and he was sweet enough to engrave our
names together. Can I consider that as our 2nd anniversary
memorabilia, hunny? :) Wow dah 2 tahun.. time flies! I feels more like
pasangan bercinta rather than a 2-year- married couple coz we're
always apart and always on the phone, asking lame questions without
fail like `Buat ape tuh', `Dah makan ke', `Makan ape harini', `Dah
mandi ke',`Esok buat ape' stuff like that, everytime we talk. Dulu
rase poyo jer orang tanye boyfriend dia camtu tapi sekarang I yang
buat pulak, hehe
P/S: Entry orang bercinta. Sila abaikan.

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