Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Beauty of Giving

Need not to emphasize, I believe most people had experience the beauty
of giving, whether we realize it or not. I am an avid believer of this
beautiful concept, and I did experience alot of thing that somehow
perhaps (insya Allah) caused by the act of giving.
Like today, I just give something to someone and suddenly, almost
immediately, hubby called and surprised me `Abang balik esok :)'
padahal sebelum ni dah declare siap2 tak balik minggu ni walaupun cuti
panjang coz nak balik minggu depan and kena cover colleagues yang cuti
hujung tahun. Huhu sib baek takde drama airmata di situ kalau tak
segan I.
Even alot of Islamic scholars encouraged giving or donating if you
want your wish to be fulfilled.. including if you want a child or
something that you wished for some time but haven't got it. Coz
eventually, giving away makes you gain more and more! Honestly, when I
was trying to conceive, I did this too and it work wonders,
The best part of giving is, the recipient always pray for you and that
is what I treasure the most. Just imagine orang yang berdoa untuk you
adalah orang yang mustajab doanya, sedangkan kita sendiri berdoa dan
ada hijab without us knowing (nauzubillah)? Subhanallah the result is
always amazing :)
Make it a habit that everytime you log in/go to the ATM to check at
the amount of money in your account, always transfer some allocated
amount to the needy/someone before you log out. Be it RM10 pun takpe,
it will grow more and will never stop! Somebody told me,if you want to
be a millionaire, the number one thing you should do is giving a lot,
insya Allah you will reach your goal. Since being a millionaire is
also my dream goal, I want to implement this tip too!
:) Today is a happy happy day, hence the positive vibe :)

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