Saturday, December 24, 2011

Just figured out

my nephews !!

Sometimes I do really sit down and think the real reason why I did not blog often nowadays. Although I plan to resume (very) soon, it felt hard to sit down and tap the keyboard just to update this blog which has so few readers I suppose. Well, one of the main reason as mentioned previously is due to the Smartphone. Yes people, alot of bloghopping but too lazy to update own blog.

Some other reason might be the roller coaster life I had through out this year. Alot of surprises and shocking moments, some were beautiful but some did got on my nerves.. however I tried to embrace each and every one of them and believe that one day, Insya Allah I will look back and smile, feeling proud to pass all the obstacles with flying colours.

Why I don't want to share my roller coaster life? Perhaps I am afraid I will be symphatized (tak pandai eja..sowie) Dont get me wrong, to be sympathetic is such a noble attitude. Just that I felt uneasy to receive it. Or maybe some of the readers might think `Alah ni je? Taklah roller coaster sangat, biasa je'. The truth is maybe among my weakest link is my pride/ego is too high. And I hate when people judge me. I know who cares about what other people think, but sometimes I just can't help it.

Sooner or later, I think my blog concept will change a bit. I want to update my life journey specially dedicated to my dear husband, coz according to the company's plan (not our plan, of course) we will still be apart for sometime. However that is only human's plan, Allah's plan overrides everything and I shall pray to Him that we will go through everything with smile insya Allah. Dont remind me on the obvious options i.e. to quit my job and follow hubby to BWN? immediate unpaid leave? Almost all had crossed my mind but I'm not that bold yet to make a move. Haha.

I even think to privatise this blog, what do you think?

:) Enjoy the year end holiday !

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