Tuesday, December 13, 2011

HK Quick Guide

updated with photo!

Hi all J I managed to squeezed this family vacation in November amidst a hectic schedule and an away husband. The plan had been made months earlier, and this time a record was set – all 9 members of the family (including 1 toddler and 1 infant) joined the vacation! So glad hubby decided to join too, or else he will miss the fun. Just to share some guides, perhaps some of you might land there very soon.

1) The flight is just around 3-3.5 hours, hence suitable to bring your children along.

2) Public transport are very efficient. If you plan to stay for long, please get an Octopus card (similar to Touch n Go) so you may move gracefully via public transport. Other means to pay is via bank notes and coins, but please remember busses won't give you change when you're overpaying (read : always keep your coins with you!!) Busses and subways (read: MRT) are every where, in HK Island you may even found a tram rail. Cabs are expensive.

3) If you plan to bring along a baby/small toddler and carry a pram around, perhaps it is easier to move by bus instead of subway because some subway does not have lift/escalators.

4) Beware : a lot of walking needed in HK! Almost everyone walks and uses public transport. If you're quite unfit, please prepare yourself before the journey!

5) Halal food is very hard to find. If you travel with families, please bring the necessities from your home country. So far our periuk/beras/maggi/sambal bilis experienced zero problem with the immigration.

6) If you don't want to enroll for tour packages, fret not. I believe you can plan your own movement (via public transport) provided you are equipped with maps and many hours of researching beforehand. Many major hotels provided half/full day tour so if you want to go to specific tourist attractions, you may approach them to book a place.

7) There are 2 major amusement park in HK, namely Disneyland and Ocean Park.

8) High end shopping districts including Causeway Bay, Wan Chai and Lan Kai Foong (here is also where Hard Rock Café is located – for all HRC hardcores out there). If you want authentic designer bags with lower prices compared to retail shops, you may want to locate ISA boutique (oh we loveee this boutique!) around HK Island and Kowloon area.

9) For souvenirs, head to the various flea/night markets available – Temple Market (MRT station: Jordan), Ladies Market (MRT station: Mong Kok), Stanley Market ( HK Island) to name a few. Don't forget to bargain, people! Among the best bargain available in Ladies Market is 6 souvenir HK shirts for HK$100. Keychain/fridge magnet can be obtain at HK$10 each or less J

10) Generally, hotel rates are expensive. So choose your hotel wisely and make sure it is near to MRT/bus station.

11) Among popular attractions are Symphony of Lights (MRT station: Tsim Sha Shui), Victoria's Peak, naik sampan in fishing village ( ni memang dah tak ingat ape namanya, tapi in HK island la), cable car in Ngong Ping etc.

12) If you want to avoid the pricey hotels in HK Island, you may opt to stay in Kowloon (mainland area. Among the best hotel locations are Tsim Sha Shui, Jordan and in Mong Kok because all are accessible via bus and MRT and the roads are so easy you will hardly lost.

13) According to the locals, the best time to visit HK is during Autumn and Winter simply because the air is cool and nice. Spring is not good since there will be thick fogs while during summer, it can be very hot and humid so not suitable for sight seeing L

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