Thursday, January 04, 2007

Anti-Toll Coalition

Ladies and gents (whether you're directly effected or not),
This is a casual announcement to the Anti-Toll Coalition, with detail as follows:

Date : Sunday, 7 January 2007
Time : 4 pm
Venue : in front of Sunway Pyramid shopping complex, near the Litrak office
Purpose : to launch a rakyat’s protest against the January 1, "not-so-high" 60 per cent toll increase. (this sentence is quoted from Rocky’s Bru)

As if we are not enough with the huge price increase of important needs in 2006( i.e fuel, cement, basic needs ) and now the 2007 new year's gift (toll, for the hundreth times)- there is one desperate question i always had in my mind : For whom actually we pay our money for?

Certainly not for ourselves, since we are already burdened with various charges and taxes even for our daily meals. A very close friend of my father, who's making a fairly good salary as a professional ( I don't need to mention his exact job, since this is just an average example-but he surely isn't a politician), is paying income tax as high as RM 40000 per year (thus everyone with tax-calculation knowledge can guess his annual salary), and not to mention other taxes e.g the cukai pintu,cukai kereta, cukai jalan, cukai makan di restoran eksklusf dan fastfood, etc etc(the `cukai' word sounds more frightening than a dull `tax' for me).To remind everyone this is only for one average man from the 24 million population of Malaysia citizens, and I'm sure there are numerous wealthy people in our country, and the government gets a huge portion of money from these type of people(unless they did not fulfill their duty like our famous assemblyman in Klang or his other infamous friends too).To say that we ought to help the government pay some money as the government's obligation to compensate the concessionaire for our own good, does it really make sense??

As KeAdilan information chief, Tian Chua said, "The truth is all this is just wayang as the government has already agreed to the toll rates when it signed the concession agreement that is lop-sided and against the interest of the rakyat," (Chua’s statement is as quoted in Jeff Ooi’s Screenshots-do read this very important report on press conference organized by PKR, attended by other opposition leaders and NGOs)

So the very question that all of us should ask in mind:
For whom actually we pay our money for???

Thus, for those who care especially who live around the central region, do come and express your protest to the government this Sunday. If no action taken by the government after all these while and effort, you know your role in the coming election.

Come on, we lost so much for the past few years (especially the dreaded 2006) and you still want to stay the same, old, faithful you?
I certainly don't.

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