Tuesday, January 23, 2007


That's the best word can describe me for the past weeks..
Of course, I never prefer blogging at home and I just recently connected to the internet in the campus.
Meanwhile, I've been on top of Ms Bijoux's list in her recent entry, thus for her sake( yes,kakak, this one is for you!) my responses are as follow:

1o years ago I:
1. Love playing rounders at Ida's house
2. Was the Assistant Head Prefect of my primary school
3. Formed an all girls alliance named APM (only the members knew what it stands for ;P)

5 years ago I:
1. Was form 5 and had lots of fun (despite the SPM year)
2. Became dormates with other Vigilances during SPM week
3. Did lots of unpredicted and unexpected decision(some I regret forever)

2 years ago I:
1. Went to Amsterdam and Sydney (two of the cities that I wanted to go most!)
2. Organized several big events in campus
3. Realized that I really should sacrifice for the sake of others

1 year ago I:
1. Multitasked in fulfilling responsibilities as a student rep, a future intern, a normal person and a faithful believer(perhaps)
2. Did an unexpected decision to had internship programme in Penang
3. Became a frequent customer of Air Asia

Yesterday I:
1. Skipped dinner but went hungry late at night, so I had my `rarest' late supper -maggi
2. Experienced some miscomm and was late for an important meeting
3. Still croaked to talk (at least better than yesterday, where a lecturer asked me to introduce my name and I can't utter even a single word due to cough and sore throat, thus a friend had to introduce my name on behalf of me.Tough luck.)

Today I:
1. Shall try to sort the FYP titles or make a proposal
2. Sleep late and hope to wake up early
3. Hope my voice would return to its normal condition

Tomorrow I will:
1. Plan my tasks and schedule throughout the sem
2. Get confirmation or approval on the FYP titles
3. Get 50% of the tasks on my Stick-On Notes done

Three snacks I enjoy:
1. MERCI chocolates
2. Jack N Jill's Garlic flavoured potato chips
3. Famous Amos cookies

Three things I can't live without:
1. Religion
2. Faith
3. Belief

3 things I want to buy with rm1k:
1. Keep a portion in the account
2. Give a portion to the flood victims
3. Give another portion to any orphanage or the needy

3 shows I like:
1. Some CSI Miami..
2. Maybe some House M.D..
3. Or some Desperate Housewives..( I don't fancy tc shows anyway)
3 places I've lived:
1. Seremban
2. Bayan Lepas
3. Seremban again.Home sweet home.

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