Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back for Good

owh, kucing garang ini sedang melepak atas scooter hariri.
gambar courtesy of jasa.
(mungkin dia marah kat jasa mempaparazzi dia)

Salam to all,
Sorry for the sudden break.I was busy with my final report, last minute clearance arrangement and all, I hardly have time to update since I was pretty determined to finish my report before I finish my internship.

Alhamdulillah, all was done, even the certificate endorsement and the recommendation letter by my boss.I couldn't quite understand the funny feeling I had when I read the recommendation letter, the evaluation form and all good comments about myself (since my boss is very very nice, supportive, easy-going and all, he reminds me a lot of my father's character, just that he's certainly younger than my dad), and of course I believe it was the result of my obedience and commitment in doing all tasks given, extending working hours to submit urgent tasks, and even my obsession to participate in training and completing online courses when I had no work(perhaps la kan..huhu). I don't really fancy compliments, so all this makes me feel `seperti menjual diri pulak’ (and I didn't mean it literally, you know what I mean).

Today's my last day of internship here, so the unpleasant, almost sad atmosphere was in the air. (at least for me) since other people still busy with their daily jobs.Kilanglah katakan, so you must expect the workloads and deadlines to meet every now and then. I will blog more about my intern experience soon, since I forgot to bring my memory card reader today. ( menangkap gambar curi di dalam plant!haha)After all, it's better to save the best for last, right?
In case you think I'd completely forget my intention to make some face lift to the blog, you're absolutely incorrect! I've finish editing and modifying codes here and there, and I just wait for the right time for a best impact .I'm thinking of doing that in the middle of this month, in conjunction with something special (hint*hint).OR maybe I won't.Afterall, just wait and see.Blogskin je pun kan.

OK then, all the best in life.

And for my batch, welcome back to university life.I'm pretty sure we need some time to get familiar with the long gone academic activities i.e study, go to lectures, tutorials, quizzes, tests and exams.So the best of luck for all of us.

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