Sunday, January 07, 2007

Post-Anti-Toll Coalition


The Anti-Toll Coalition was held peacefully yesterday, with many and many of FRU and policemen around incase for any unpredictable act. As all of us can predict, this major event were not even covered in most of the local newspapers (you know why) besides The Star, so do browse the unlimited source (the internet) for more. Just FYI, I found the reports by Jeff Ooi is very much detailed, and do visit his LensaMalaysia for more amusing photos during the peaceful protest.I hope this will open the government's (and other respective big shots) eyes, for the sake of Malaysians (and also for the sake of the coming election).We know who's position is at stake right now.


‘It pays more to become poor’
(quoted from one of the banners in the protest)

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