Monday, February 19, 2007

Me (as in today)

OK, sekarang apakah signifikan gambar di atas dengan post kali ini?
(hanya kerana gambar itu sangat comel.Sangat sangat comel.Hihi)

This post is created out of boredom, sleepiness and dizzyness in the midst of Tuesday afternoon, where everyone is enjoying their last day of CNY holiday, and I'm stuck here in campus to complete the never-ending assignments, reports, research, etcetera.

So what?
So does everybody else in their Final Year(I suppose).

Yeah, the con of being a Final Year student is you'll need to complete essay/ research type assignments and reports, which is SO beyond the ordinary future engineer's capability. Well, we always play with facts and numbers and figures and formulas, and now we just have to crack our head to goreng a few lenghty reports, due every week.

OK I get it.This university wants to produce extra-ordinary engineers, good in technical skills as well as writing skills.
(Isn't it TOO obvious?)

Enough babbling, now I should gear up to complete my work.Three assignments need to be submitted early next day, and a meeting with SV requires me to prepare something too..hmm.

And yes, again I am suffering a post-fever symptoms; takde suara, sakit tekak, selsema sepanjang hari dan batuk melampau.
(Agaknya banyak sangat dosa saya ni.Allah nak bagi bayar hutang secara cash..)

What ever it takes, live life to the fullest=P
Semoga anda semua menghadapi hari hari mendatang dengan ceria!

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