Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Assalamualaikum and hye to all,

I've been practicing multi-tasking ever since my schedule was jam-packed for the previous several years, except during my internship period.Well, the job was hectic and all, but who ever claims to be extremely busy during industrial internship is quite illogical, I suppose.Of course, it's different to some other people, let say you interns in a multinational oil and gas companies or something, and you work twenty hours perday(Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit).The point is, for a normal intern, you won't be as busy as a student, and I know all of us realize and aware if it.

Well, now I'm back to the good old days.Being a final year and a full time devouter, there are more responsibilities than the time we get, say, 24 hours? Yes, a maximum four hours of sleep and work the rest of hours, still it won't be enough."Sesungguhnya manusia ni memang tak pernah cukup dengan apa yang ada..kan?" Afterall, we should be grateful for what The AlMighty grants to us, for everything always happen for some reasons...

And now, with tight lecture+labs+tutorials schedule,FYP matters, SG, meetings, discussions, courses matters, other responsibilites and etcetera, the skill of multi-tasking really helps a lot, provided you must meet several guidelines to make sure you are always in the right track as a university student, whom the main obligation is to STUDY :

1-avoid procrastinations (VERY IMPORTANT!! eventhough this is very hard*sigh* Since no one knew exactly how busy are you, besides yourself)

2-always occupy yourself with beneficial activities (yes, NO movies, NO heavy chat over miRc, NO extremely late hangout with friends.But a slight rest/getaway every now and then is quite okay, to ensure you're still a normal and healthy person=)

3-go get yourself some fresh air (e.g jog for a lap or two at the sports complex, play a round or two squash game, or just a casual stroll along the lakeside=).Hey, healthy body makes a healthy mind!

4-find time to revise your studies every now and then.Let it be just one hour or long as you did not totally abandon your notes and books.

5-get nearer to God...He will help you survive through the day=)

Since then, all the best for you and me =)

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