Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Travelling Dad

This post is specially dedicated for my beloved Dad, for his 53rd birthday last week ( 5 Feb).
Happy belated birthday, Abah! We always love you=)
Paris, July 2006

I have a Dad who loves travelling.During my early years, I still remember our family ritual every year-an annual vacation to interesting places in the tourist-favourite list, but back then it was just some local interesting spot around Malaysia.Langkawi, Penang, JB, Pangkor, Kuantan, K T'ganu, Cameron, Genting, Bkt Tinggi- you name it- we'd hit all spots successfully! But ever since my dad completed his license in Survey more than five years ago, he tuned his interest to further destinations around the world.

Amsterdam, June 2005

Don't get me wrong, my dad isn't a country ambassador or any profession near that(and he didn't obtain ten thousand bucks per month of salary, either).He never pursue his studies oversea ( thanks to his scholarship host, they forbid my dad to further his studies oversea and ask my dad to start working for them instead.That's what I hate about scholarship bound, but I guess me and my dad shares the same fate=P), let alone living in foreign countries.I guess that's one of the reason he grew his passion in travelling in the first place.

Chiang Mai, urm..early of 2005
Since he got an annual opportunity to attend some survey convention around the world, sometimes the family tagged along.Usually all of the family members won't be going at once, just those who had free time and no clashes with work(my big bro), or class schedules ( me and Afiq).Or if everybody is just busy with other commitments, my parents would go just by themselves and had their honeymoon together (hah-ha.Like last year).
Bangkok, September 2005

Sometimes my dad just went my himself, since he was so curious to observe and witness other people's culture.Usually he went alone to nearer places, such as Chiang Mai, Bangkok or perhaps Manila in the future, but most of the time my Mom will alter her accumulated cuti to accompany my Dad( this is a good side of working as a goverment servant though, you get plenty of cuti when the others did not).

St Petersburg, June 2005

While most of people love to spend a fortune on big houses, luxury cars, expensive clothes and all, my Dad just like to spend some portion to travel around the world.Once he told me he wanted to witness all seven wonders and famous structures in the world (Insya Allah- with Allah's will), and seriously, Abah, I will pray for your dreams to come true (and perhaps I can tag along with you to those places! Haha=p)

For me, the passion truly inherit by each and everyone of us(the sons and daughter), especially me.I always want to travel here and there, and experience living in uncommon customs and environment, and observe the beauty of Allah's creations.Really, I felt some kind of funny feeling in my heart whenever I got the chance to allocate my feet in foreign contries. The feeling was actually a compilation of amazed, awed, grateful, insaf and perasaan bersyukur sangat when we realize how small we are in this world, and how powerful and merciful of our Creator to us, all this while.This is one of the reason why Islam also encourage us to travel around the world, learn their culture, customs and knowledge as it can bring you nearer to the AlMighty and make you a humble little believer.


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