Thursday, February 01, 2007

Remembering the death..

I've got a pair of tortoises for my 21st birthday (more than a year ago) from a friend, and they lasted for like 2 weeks before they died after a skin desease (at least that's what I thought).They were so cute and their size was as small as a child's palm!Maybe they were not used to the hectic surroundings(uhm, to be specific-on my study desk, in a medium size aquarium), or experienced an overdose chlorine or they just not meant to be human's pet by nature.I always had this rare passion over tortoise, so when I discovered a picture of my late tortoise in my phone memory(I even forgot their names already!!), I was quite overwhelmed and decided to treasure it forever in this blog.
Well, like the tortoises, we ourselves will be `dead' if we failed to adapt with our surroundings.Look, I emphasized the word FAILED, because everybody has their own capability in adapting to new environment, some are fast and some are slow.Yet it doesn't really matter as long as you manage to survive in the end, or else you will end up like my tortoises. `Dead' in this context means having endless difficulties in life, just because we ourselves are reluctant to change ourselves for the better.Unlike the tortoises, they could not do much to their life since they do not have a mind to think, and when the surroundings are hard and cruel, they just died.While we as a human being are gifted to think and live life wisely so that in the end, we will do something beneficial not only for ourselves, but to the rest of the world.
( I'm not sure if I'd done a good deal of explaining this, but I hope you guys get what I mean.Just a babbling of thoughts at 1 am in the morning.)

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