Monday, April 16, 2007

Bantuan Kemanusiaan :Nurfazrina

Updated. This is Norfazrina@ Oyin, all bubbly and smiley but is destined to face hard times in life

Still remember my friend in need?

Alhamdulillah, one of my friend had volunteered to collect donations on behalf of Nurfazrina (Oyin), a good friend back in high school.Monetary aid should be channeled to the following account:

Name : Nurul Aimi Ahmad Suandi
BCB Account Number : 05060142023528

Please contact me personally, via SMS/YM/gtalk/email to get Nurul Aimi's (Gmoy) phone number (if you don't have one) to inform the amount you've donated for documenting purpose, or for further inquiries (if any). And yes, to those who not even know Oyin in person, it does not hurt to help lessen her burden, right? Do contact me for further information and updates, whenever you please.

The latest update is a group of friend will visit her at her house this Thursday.So do contact the necessary figures to join the crowd (antaranya yang pergi adalah Ben a.k.a Amiza, so gi contact dia cepat tau). It will really make Oyin's day, I can assure that.

For the other everdearest readers, can you do me some favour?
Please pray, doa and perform solat hajat for me friend, for her safety, mentally and physically in overcoming obstacles in life.
*sesungguhnya hanya dengan usaha, doa dan tawakal yang tinggi kepada Allah, kita mampu mengubah takdir yang Allah dan tuliskan untuk hamba-Nya.

Thanks so much and may Allah bless us all.

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