Monday, April 23, 2007


This is Peter, a pet frog I had on my 20th birthday,thanks to the everdearest Vigilance.Btw, he's staying at home to guard my room while I'm away
(gambar hiasan)


Sometimes we do feel depressed, as if the whole world is against us.

Our parents didn't call, our SMSes were ignored, our lecturers gave tonnes of assignments, projects and works, our marks in tests were not so promising..even our friends were not supporting us all this while.Why these things happened in one time, in a `package?'

The most inappropriate reaction that we always felt is, to feel victimized by the situation. We think we're the only one faced tough times in life, while the others are enjoying our hardship. We tend to be too defensive, as if all people's reactions to us are meant to hurt us. Even a helping hand offered by a colleugue may be interpreted as threat to us. We may feel humiliated by this, as if this indicates that we are not capable to handle our own problems. Then we start to make harsh comments or unsuitable remarks to others, normally without any intention. At this stage, we often lose our rationale and empathy, we automatically blame others for all this thinfs that happened to us.And without knowing that we might, often unintentionally, hurt the others whom were very close to us.

Well, it is normal for people to behave like this when they feel depressed.But unfortunately, people always forget to learn the art of coping with tense and depression. By making ourself as a victim in everything, it won't solve any problem.Infact, it will create more. We must agree with a fact of life that everything happened for some reasons.Always remember that there's always a rainbow after a heavy rainstorm.If we're less motivated by these fancy words and sentences, just do whatever that can reduce your stress.If you feels better to scream on top of your long in open air, then DO IT.If you feels better to share your thoughts and problems with you bestfriend, then DO IT.And also, if your burden can be decreased by bursting into tears until you fall asleep, then hey, JUST DO IT.

For me personally, I always believe ALLAH made all these hardship to strengthen our beliefs and faith to Him. The Almighty grants us with this challenging life to educate us, and for us to be nearer to Him. The good thing of being depressed or stressed out is, we will always get back to basic, as a powerless, humble believer, whom life is fully controlled by a super power(The Almighty), and not by ourselves. He can always give us beautiful, perfect life if He wants to.Yet, He make us learn the hard way so we will appreciate more.

So let's learn to appreciate the hard life...

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