Friday, August 25, 2006

Lagi-lagi GUBRA

Assalamualaikum and good day.

Despite a bunch of work assigned to me throughout the week, I can’t help to write about this.Yeah, and after reading some of the journals/weblogs from the net, I am encouraged to write it even more.I just watched the too famous controversial film, Gubra last three days to actually judge (amateurly) what our latest best Malay film looks like.People might say I’m outdated, as the controversy started more than a year ago, so why bother to highlight it now? But people, as far as most people tend to forget, history makes us wiser.We should turn back and revise whatever happen in the past, keep it glued in mind and make a vow to never repeat the mistakes again (if it was a mistake), or even to be inspired and try to achieve the successful improvement as our late ancestors(if it was a success).Yeah, and since Dr Abu Hassan (UM lecturer), here also recently talked about this, so it fires the atmosphere even more.

Have to admit, I watched this movie not because I fancy Sharifah Amani, or its director, Yasmin Ahmad.No.And I can assure you, I will never be their fan.No need to remind you about the dark night of FFM-19, where Amani gave a disrespectful comment that makes the ministers,media and webloggers have lots to discuss for several days(thanks to her).Actually, I really don’t have problem with that.Teenagers, (or does she?eh no, she’s already 20, and not a teenager anymore) they tend to say what ever they want, without noticing the people’s sensitivity and a minister who watched you while you give your victory speech.That’s typical, normal and we can predict that.Right?Anyhow she had apologized, and let’s just forgive her.

For me, the whole `remake’ controversy has less to do with the very person who had slipped her tongue in a prestigious night.It is far beyond that.It is actually a re-rise of people’s thought and anger towards the film since more than a year ago,where it was first launched.I didn’t remember it did a full house in every cinema, but the free popularity it gained was much more better than the revenue that film actually gained.Here, I give a credit to its director for not being over reacted, or people say `cepat melatah’ when all her films are criticized without mercy by many professionals, journalists, authors, film expertise and even amateurs like me.Keep up the calmness, Kak.. but please don’t shut your eyes and ears about the comments and criticizes that you earned.This is for your own good, and for the sake of Malay films’ future.I really hope `Muhsin’ (Yasmin’s next film) will portray more good deeds than the negative ones, even though the fact that encouraging children to fall in love is far beyond my tolerable state of mind.Call me outdated, old fashioned, conservative or whatsoever, but during those days, do we find a lot of sex out of marriage cases, rapes or misbehaviors among teenagers like today?Fall in love is human’s nature, so let it be when the time comes.Not by portraying love(between a boy and a girl) as very `unsinful’ and even children are much more encourage to experience it by themselves.

I don’t even want to `hentam’ the film, actually.All the hard times for the film is over, so let bygone be bygone.What I intend to `hentam’ is the Malaysian’s attitude it portrays throughout the film.From the part where the Bilal patted a stray dog on his way to Subuh prayer, a friendly chat with his prostitute neighbours while on their way back from `business’,an overly reacted family when they comfort their sick father (not even some Yassin or talqin??All the family members are Islam right?Why the moans and groans??), an annoying attitude while driving to the nearest hospital, a wife scolded her husband for having an affair while herself was happily walking (fooling) around with a random guy..and a lot more. I shall not give details as most of you are surely more than familiar with the disgusting/annoying/ irritating/ silly plots in the film.I myself, and my housemates were never stop wincing and criticizing almost every scenes in the movie (this is the nice thing about watching VCD, you can be an amateur jury, open a discussion and comments loudly while watching movie without interfering others.Haha.)

Maybe the film really reflected what are happening in our own backyard nowadays.It is NOT NORMAL for a Muslim to touch, hold, kiss,pat (or whatever act you might found in the film) other person who is not your `muhrim’(better I put this word as to make everything crystal clear).Islam says that.And this rule is evidently violated in the film.Tell me, which actor/actress who really have legal relationship between them(husband n wife? No..siblings? Hardly..far cousins? You bet).Yes Shah, why are you discriminating this film?Other films show the same things too..yep yep.This applies to all, not only Gubra.But this film is the most `gabra’ film that it portrays the misbehavior of people in the most pathetic sort of way, for fear it might change the perception of other people to Malaysia and specifically Islam (nauzubillah..).So this what you called best film? Think again.

Next time I hope all the film producers and the community too will take this matter seriously.Maybe they might consider their film is just a piece of artwork to be sold and nothing to do with real life, but it actually really does.People (especially teenagers) are very much influenced by what they see in movies, and they will interpret what they see as very normal and trendy.This is trend, and we should just drift along with it.Fun and daring.Haha(this is TOTALLY wrong).

Wait, wait a second.Maybe a lot of people are confused, why did I highlight this matter more than other important matters?Maybe like Palestine and Lubnan cases, IFC/Lina Joy, or even the battle of the legendary ex-no 1 leader and his successor?Why the old, outdated issue instead? Well ,ladies and gents, attitude or `akhlak’ issues are never outdated.If this matter are still lingering within our people, the so-called Muslims and of course, Malaysians, nothing will change the other big issues, regardless it is humanity or political., or else.Even Dr Abu Hassan hinted the link between this film with the Lina Joy case, and how it will impact people if it is taken for granted.So then, tak percaya ka??

P/S:Kalau tak tahu,belajar dari yang pandai..
(Nevertheless, I’m just a lowly amateur commenter…and still learning^_^)

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