Thursday, August 17, 2006


It had suddenly struck me- I always know my passion in writing and expressing my thoughts publicly. Sure, I received lots of comment and critics on my interest especially recently, where I love to write about my experience and others and also the latest hit in town, current issues and stuff.In short, I write almost everything in a friendly manner, serious or even formal.I love variations, and I intend to stick with that. More than once I told this to my close friends, that I’m much more better in writing than speaking.If I speak, I hardly will be able to fully control myself and at last-someone might get hurt .So weblog is one of the best method to express my feelings and I can write what ever I want from my point of view. Likewise, everybody is free to comment and correct me.

It doesn’t matter whether people read it or not, or just ignore or make fun of my writings.As obsess as me in blogging and reading other people’s blog, there are always somebody else who have the same interest as me, or even more.At least we can find the point of intersection where two totally different idea meet. Believe me, this is not impossible.

The most important aspect that I want to highlight is SHARING.If we think we have a knowledge, share it with the others by any means.Never keep it to yourself for fear it will make you less knowledgable than the others.In fact, you will gain more as people read your thoughts and give comments to improve where necessary. The best part is when you can make someone think, and make changes in their life for the better…or even in your life! Just any slight changes will do, the way people react, people think, people eat, people talk, people look, people interpret…just anything.There are old saying says make today better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today.To achieve that, changes is necessary.

For example, maybe somebody will criticize how bad I am in writing articles in English; I better stop this effort and continue to write in Malay instead. Nevertheless, I don’t give a damn on that comment. It is not a comment towards improvement; it is a critic that always tries to condemn other people.

Lately my obsession towards writing are so intense, as I always try to find time to write something in the blog regardless of my work in the office.Of course, I’ll make sure the work are all done before I start getting busy on t he net(^_^).Now I’m quite familiar with some of the famous local writers who frequently update their blogs, but I’m yet to find writers with engineering/science background who do some real serious writing about the updates and current issues(maybe this is just not their field??)Yeah, people with same background will surely appreciate each other better.I just hope my latest interest is for the betterment of human kind…ahahaha~ (don't know how to end this post actually)

p/s : Excuse my English/ bahasa Melayu please..I’m in progress of learning to write and express things appropriately.Thanks=)


Musafir Kelana said...


Nice blog you have there. Just drop by to welcome you the the Bloggers Club. Looks like we are sharing the same interest, only that I don't really have the oppurtunity to write in the office. Hehe. Feel free to ask some help on decorating your blog. I'm still learning though, but so willing to help.

All the best in your blogging future.

P/s - Your English is more than good to me.

nor_shahira said...

thanks for your support ^_^ i'll be seeking 4 ur help soon..but wait till i've mood to customize this blog=P hehe~

salsabila said...

go ahead sister.. people will say what they want to say.. we cant stop them unless by themselves. rite? for sake of islam and the blessing of Allah, write in English so as in Malay - contribute something fo Islam..

u have the strength.. :)