Thursday, November 30, 2006

1 December 2006 (Friday)

Three major events will be the highlights of the town, starting today.

1. The grand opening of Queensbay Mall@ Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Situated strategically between the seaside and the main road from Penang Bridge to Bayan Lepas (Free Trade Zone 3 & 4), nobody will miss the gigantic megamall with typical Jaya Jusco’s colour. N doubt it is among the biggest shopping mall in Penang, and yes, it starts operating today.

2. The PC Fair @ PISA, Penang.
The PC fair is back in town, and surely offers tons of gadgets and computer accessories for you to grab. The price is satisfyingly low, and you have to expect huge crowds swarm in the limited space PISA for the next three days .It starts today.

3. Pesta Pulau Pinang @ Tapak Pesta, Sungai Nibong.
This annual event finally arrived here, and it will last for a month. Expect the typical fiesta anyway, exhibition booths, funfair, foods and stuffs- even though I never go to this pesta before this ( How I miss the fun and joy of Pesta Port Dickson more than ten years ago! Now? Pesta PD was R.I.P).Yet the promotion is not so wide anyway, maybe it is partially covered by the grand opening of Queensbay Mall. I mean, they advertised everywhere! From billboards, flyers, giant banners and radio ERA.

Thus, there are few precaution matters for you, especially those who live in northern region, specifically Penang:

1- Clutch tight your purses and wallets, girls and guys. Promise to yourself you won’t be hypnotized by the sales and cheap bargains of thumbdrives, HDDs, shoes or handbags, unless you badly needed those.
2- If you are good at window shopping, then you’re warmly welcome to check all those places.
3- Avoid roads that lead you to those places, if you don’t want to find yourself wandering at those places and spend uncontrollably.
4- If you find that the temptation is so hard to resist, then just bring small amount of money, and leave your credit card at home.
5- Yep, ready for the huge mass of vehicles and traffic jams. You may need some kuaci or reading stuffs to help you along the way.

Me, personally? Nah.I just planned to head off to PC Fair tonight for a brief lookout of the new gadgets and prices. The other two can wait.Maybe a casual stroll at Pesta Penang on weeknights and Queensbay when I expect the least crowd. Nothing to rush, right?

Last words , shop wisely (wherever you are) and spend for the right stuff at the right time and place only.All the best. (So much for being temporary Penangite, anyway: P)

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