Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Short N Precise (3)

A truly UMNO week

It is hard to ignore or pretend to forget the most awaited event for all UMNO big shots and supporters- Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2006.Thus same again, it is equally hard to ignore the fact that most of the reps are having their good time criticising some opposition leaders with various remarks – typical indeed, as this is their event anyway. Unfortunately our beloved Tun M are not fully recovered to join – or else I think the newspaper sales will increase twice as usual for his sharp tongue and unintentional attentions he always gained.

Just to add some spice to this annual assembly, I would love to highlight an article in Utusan Malaysia –Amaran Kepada ketua GLC. Well most people must have read it since it is Malaysian's most favourite (or UMNO's favourite ?? Personally my family and I never subscribe this newspaper – we prefer the less-UMNO media). So what do you really think about the fierce statement from the son-in-law?

For me it is this simple :
It proves the selfish, arrogance, cronism attitudes and mounting corruption within (most of) the government top management, and what they are capable to do if someone are not comfortable with it.The statement was also harsh and insensitive to the GLC's CEO – the statement that they got the top position mainly because of UMNO, not their own effort or they are just simply the best to get the position.Or worse, this reflects the actual reality – all GLC's CEO are just UMNO's puppets, anyway.

Nevertheless, the assembly is just getting started. I'm not a real or about to be political analyst indeed, just a lowly somebody who can think rationally and express my personal thoughts on the currently not-so-promising political atmosphere of our beloved country.

P/S : Oh yes, at least there was one good resolution by Pemuda. Thanks for that.

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