Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ferragamo for the Family

When I just got back from Langkawi, I realized that my brother's birthday is just around the corner.That explains the bad feeling I had back then, when I don't have the usual gleeful mood to go shopping in Langkawi.Rupanya saya terlupa beli hadiah untuk Ame masa di Langkawi.I was totally upset with myself, how could I forget my own bro's birthday? Since once I'd forced him to get me something on my birthday (four years ago kot? Can't remember), then he surprised me with a cute paper holder in a beautiful, shiny purple box, complete with ribbons!(at that time I think he didn't have any girlfriend yet, so his bad taste in selecting present for a girl was long forgiven).Last year was even worse, I totally ignored his birthday over piles of MPP work that needed to be done.Adik apakah diriku ini??Thus, out of guilty and determination to become a good, sweet little sister, I vowed to search for his birthday present before I get back home on Friday.

Yet still, worse come to worst.I am very much busy the entire week, and didn't have time to go to the nearest shopping complex to search for his present.Until the last hours before I depart to KL, I found a beautiful Salvatore Ferragamo's miniature perfumes set in the Eraman Shop (whoever always go to airports-KLIA, Langkawi or Penang, must be familiar with this shop.The airport duty-free shop). What a perfect little gift.Although the initial intention is just to search for my bro's, later I said to myself; why don't I get something for the whole family instead? Plus the chocs from Langkawi that I brought home are just for my friends and relatives, takkan Ma ngan Abah nak bagi coklat gak kot.So the result is as below.

For Mom
For Abah
For Ame and Kak Lynn

For saye sendirilah!

P/S : For Afiq the one identical with Mum's, tapi botol warna jernih and of course for men.Tak sempat amik gambar, dia dah bawak lari dah)
Why perfumes? Recently I grew a passion on perfumes especially the miniature set with gorgeous bottles!Yes you get me right, I don't fancy sangat nak pakai tapi lebih kepada nak buat collection or bagi orang..:P

And yes, this gift then given to my big bro as his engagement gifts (since I bought a pair of Belgian chocs and two identical perfumes for him and his fiance), so

So much for being a sweet little sister.
Kesimpulan dari cerita ini ialah, ingatlah hari jadi abang anda dan letaklah ia dalam reminder telepon.Sekian terima kasih.(tiba-tiba kesimpulan bahasa melayu pulak)

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bijoux said...

awk tuka template ek?ke akak je yg pening..nyways..ape naak ckp td aa.adei.ha..abg awk da tunang ke?wahaha..ngn student stadi sne gak ek.wowsy.taniah..ok, teruskan usaha borong perfume~

btw, try la hugo pure purple, bau die sweet.