Monday, December 04, 2006

Thank you for simply being there

Nothing is more soothing than receiving this kind of message right in the midst of datelines and overflowing work : D I knew I’m quite late in expressing this, since I get this Friendster testimonial since last week. Yes, I knew some may think this is plain common to receive nowadays, but I don’t know how it actually did – I really felt appreciated and relieved! (aduh terharu pulak :P) And this kind of act makes me wonder- how small effort can create a big impact to someone’s life- provided you touch that someone with the right thing at the right time!

So with that, I convey back the same message with the same lovely thoughts to all my friends existed on earth! Of course huge credit goes to the lovely sender- Azimah (thanks ek dik!) and the rest of you girls-Syida, Che Pah,Rusyie,Fairuz, Syira,Sa’adi -their house is where I usually can be spotted whenever I went to UTP-(saya memang kakak yang suka menyebok!)

My current housemates -Jasa and Hariri, my officemate Dhashini, my best friends-the vigilant Vigilance, my ex-roomate -Maya, my colleagues-Sab, Tiey, Hazel (yes, you still are!),Elfy, Adib, my sisters- Kak Shabee,Kak Shasha,Kak Lin,Kak Lynn(bakal kakak ipar),Kak Fatihah ,Kak Faizah and Kak Shikin (oitt shopping tak hingat ye!Bring something from Swiss for me tau :P) , my fellow MPPs 05/06 and ECONZ 05/06

And also to the others-sorry just stating a few names, yet all of you are always in my heart, soul and mind! Just all and everyone –
Thanks so much for simply being there, in cloudy days and in sunny days..: )


cp said...

haha..akak sentiasa di alu2kan utk menyebokkan diri di rumah kami ni..hohoho

Shierrahh Ivy said...

mekaseh mekaseh..:)