Wednesday, December 13, 2006

She has no problem with hijab!

She became the fastest woman in Asia for 200m...

It's hard to not to mention this in my blog.

As I am a muslimah and a lady, I'm so proud of this type of victory, the one that is evidently obeyed Allah's restriction in covering woman's aurat ,then appraised by people in the world.Who says hijab restrict you from doing almost anything?

She became the fastest woman in Asia for 200m, without sacrificing her aurat like the other ordinary runner.Seeing Ruqaya's Al-Ghasara faith in ALlah and her determination, who else is brave enough to claim hijab is not suitable for modern living?

..yet she never forget to thank Allah for His blessings.

Quote from the Star:

Al Ghasara produced a devastating finish, just as she had done in the 100m final only to end up with the bronze, making no mistake in her bid for gold.
The 24-year-old passed both the vastly experienced Susanthinka Jayasinghe of Sri Lanka and 100m winner Guzel Khubbieva of Uzbekistan to break the tape and swiftly fell to her knees and kissed the ground.

“I have no problems with the hijab,” said Al Ghasara, who showed her talent in winning the West Asian 100m title last year also in Doha.

“I have a great desire to show that there are no problems with wearing these clothes. Wearing a veil proves that Muslim women face no obstacles and encourages them to compete in sport.”

Quote from Ruqaya (after being translated):

Saya bersyukur kerana menjadi seorang Islam. Ini satu anugerah. Pencapaian saya ini adalah satu kejayaan kepada wanita arab, dunia Arab, Islam dan wanitanya. Memakai pakaian bertutup sebenarnya telah mendorong saya. Ia bukan halangan. Secara bertentangan ini menggalakkan berusaha lebih. Memakai hijab membuktikan wanita Islam masih tiada halangan. Kenyataannya ia menggalakkan mereka terbabit dalam sukan. Malah saya juga layak ke kejohanan Dunia di Osakan tahun depan.

Congratulations to Ruqaya, may she succeed with more blessed victories in the future...Ameen.

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